Using Bluetooth

Many people find setting up a Bluetooth connection very problematic and frustrating. Though, once connected they 'just work' and are soon forgotten. These pages will help you get over that initial hurdle and get on with using a PDA for what it was purchased.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a short range - very low power digital radio link designed to replace wires between computer devices, peripherals and mobile phones. Because the power is so low it is considered to be much safer to use a bluetooth radio close to or in your ear, rather than a full power mobile or corldless phone which is communication with a base station a few kilometers away.


Typical range is approx. 10m, though some device combinations will only work up to 3m. Turning the power down on the Bluetooth device to preserve batteries will also reduce range.

Types of Bluetooth connection

When connecting two Bluetooth devices you must specify the connection type, these include:

  • Serial Port
  • Dial Up Networking connection
  • Fax
  • File Transfer
  • Network Access
  • Information Synchronization
  • Audio


This is the process of setting up a semi-permanent, secure connection between two Bluetooth devices and is often one of the most problematic features- especially as different manufactures implement this in different ways. Devices are "Paired" (sometimes called Bonded) by setting one device into its "discoverable" mode and then telling the other device to discover it. The discovering device searches the Bluetooth radio band until it finds the second device, then it asks you to enter a security code. Once entered the other device then asks for the security code and if they match the connection is made. Once completed, each time the devices are in range the connection will be remade without any more user intervention.


This is the process where one Bluetooth device broadcasts a radio message asking if other Bluetooth devices are present. Many Bluetooth devices regularly search for other devices maintaining a list of those within range.


You can instruct your Bluetooth device whether to 'listen' for the discovery radio broadcasts or remain quiet. Many devices as a default will allow others to see them - but you should ensure security is switched on so that connections cannot be setup without your knowledge.